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This catalog is up to date as of September 5, All information should be confirmed. Alex Grayson is the bestselling author of heart pounding, emotionally gripping contemporary romances including the Jaded Series, the Consumed Series, and three standalone novels. Her passion for books was reignited by a gift from her sister-in-law.

After spending several years as a devoted reader and blogger, Alex decided to write and independently publish her first novel in an endeavor that took a little longer than expected. The rest, as they say, is history. Originally a southern girl, Alex now lives in Ohio with her husband, two children, two cats and dog.

She loves the color blue, homemade lasagna, casually browsing real estate, and interacting with her readers. Yes, you read right. But then he came along and screwed everything up. Colt Maverick. For once in my life, I want more, crave more from one guy. A guy that looks at me like he wants to eat me alive and claim me as his own. A guy that will most definitely not be okay with my addiction. A guy that I want over and over again, not because my body demands it, but because I demand it. I now have a new addiction. But will he be enough to satisfy my uncontrollable desires?

During the day, Abby works at a daycare center. Normally, Abby only sleeps with a man once, but after meeting millionaire business owner Colt, she continues to crave him. Abby tells him about her disorder, and about the repeated rapes by a neighbor when she was a young teen, and how she thinks her disorder stems from that.

They begin a relationship, although Abby is unsure that she can have a real relationship without cheating. Colt shows up to her apartment late, and finds Nathan there, and Abby asleep. In the morning, she ends things with Colt, and she begins relying on the medicine to get her through her withdrawals.

They begin dating again, and trialing new methods to relieve her symptoms. He is by her side as she tells her family of the abuse she never reported, and as she seeks psychiatric help. The epilogue shows them one year later, married and pregnant. Blurb: My name is Tegan Zander, and I like to… bare myself. Yes, you read that right.

I like knowing someone else is in the room, getting off on what my partner and I are doing. I have too much fun in my bachelor life. Willow Bennett was just a woman I helped on the side of the road. Nothing more, nothing less, even if her hot little body demanded attention from mine. I did my good deed, kissed those sweet lips, ground my jean-covered length against her softness, and left, expecting to never see her again.

But then, there she was, in her short skirt, tank top, and flip-flops, looking sexy as hell. I was going to expose her along with me. I was going to show her just how good it could be if she lost her inhibitions and let me put her on display. His dad saved him when he was eleven, and his mother went to a psychiatric hospital. She is now dying of brain cancer, and Tegan drives eight hours to see her once a week, even though he hates her for what she did to him.

Her name is Willow, and she is moving from Texas to Atlanta after the death of her mother. After that steamy first encounter, they meet by chance in Atlanta. They open up to each other about their pasts, and develop feelings quickly. Minnie is now married with a baby, and Willow is hiding a watch collection that Bryan wants so that he can sell it for drug money.

Tegan later catches Bryan as he attempts to get to Willow. Bryan breaks down and agrees to go to rehab, which Tegan pays for. He is in prison for life for rape. Bryan does well in rehab and is released after a few months, and is trying to live a normal and healthy life.

Yes, I like to watch people have sex. Witnessing the desire on their faces as they writhe in pleasure makes my blood hotter than the hottest flame. But from the first time I watched the woman in the apartment across from mine, I knew she was different. She teases me with her soft touches and gentle caresses. She tempts me with her silent moans and sexy whimpers. She excites me, and makes me want more than I ever have before. For two years, I refused to give in to my curiosity. That is, until fate took things in her own twisted hands.

Summary: Nathan is a voyeur—he likes to watch people have sex. Finally, he meets her—Emberleigh—at a club that he and his friends frequent, and they have several sexy encounters before they officially start dating. Nathan tells her that he likes to watch people have sex, which excites her. Nathan wants a real relationship with Emberleigh, which has never happened to him before. He hangs out with her and her eight-year-old sister, who Emberleigh later confides is actually her daughter. She got pregnant by rape at a young age, and her parents have raised Avery as their own.

Avery thinks that Emberleigh is her sister. Nathan struggles with how to tell Emberleigh that he watched her for nearly two years, but in the end, she confesses she has known for at least a year, and took pleasure in him watching. The story ends with Emberleigh telling Avery that she is her mother, and Nathan proposes to Emberleigh. Blurb: Pain. Just when her life appears normal, something Bailey has never experienced, she meets a man and falls in love. Love can be deceiving. Bailey jumps from the frying pan that was her childhood into the burning bowels of hell, which is her sick and twisted husband.

Suffering more years of abuse, Bailey eventually realizes she has no choice but to run. Forced to stop in a small town in Ohio, Bailey encounters a town full of people that welcome her with open arms, especially Jaxon Walker, the tattooed and pierced local bar owner. Jaxon senses her fear and refuses to give up trying to discover them. Will Bailey be brave enough and learn to trust Jaxon with her deepest secrets? Will Jaxon be strong enough to protect Bailey when her past comes knocking at her door? Summary: Bailey is a woman on the run from her husband, Steven, who is a prominent attorney.

She has been living a nightmare all her life; she was abused as a child, and Steven repeatedly beat her, raped her, and shared her with his friends. She finally ran from him after her pushed her down the stairs, causing her to lose the baby she was carrying. She ends up in Jaded Hollow, out of money and needing a job. She meets the local bar owner, Jaxon, and starts working for him, and living in the apartment above the bar. Jaxon works at lowering her guard and getting her to trust him. Jaxon talks her into staying with him, and promises to keep her safe. He contacts the sheriff, and they begin an investigation into Steven.

Steven sends threatening notes and packages, and kidnaps Anna. When Bailey receives a text describing the torture Anna is going through, she offers herself in exchange, and goes to Steven. Instead of releasing Anna as he promised, he and his friend rape the two women at the same time. Steven is killed, and the other man is arrested. The epilogue shows them years later, married with a child. Blurb: Enduring the ultimate betrayal on her eighteenth birthday by the one person she loves most in the world, Mia Walker is no longer the innocent, sweet, young woman she used to be.

She is now cold and hard, letting no one get close to her heart, except family. Mackai Mac Weston sees the changes in Mia on a daily basis. He knows he is the reason Mia is now the way she is. Never given the chance to explain what really happened that night so long ago, Mac is determined to make Mia finally listen and reclaim what was always his. When the truth finally comes out, danger shows its ugly face.

There are people in Jaded Hollow that do not want Mac and Mia together. They are willing to do whatever it takes to keep them apart. Will Mac be strong enough to overcome temptation, even when the odds are against him? Summary: Mia and Mac dated as teenagers. Tessa ended up pregnant, and Mac felt trapped into marrying her. They stay married for six years, raising their son, Trent, together. After having her heart broken, Mia changed from a sweet, loving girl to a hard-hearted woman. Mac has tried for ten years to talk to Mia about what happened, but she always refused to hear him out.

Finally, Mac gets Mia to listen to him—in reality, Mac was drugged with Rohypnol by Tessa, because she was jealous and wanted Mac to herself, and Mac thought he was with Mia that night, because Tessa wore a wig and made him think she was Mia. Mia starts to soften to him, but still refuses to be with him, until she is drugged at a club one night and nearly raped. She realizes then that Mac would not have had any control over his body when drugged. They begin a relationship, but Tessa is still jealous. She threatens Mia, vandalizes her car and home, and gets Trent to poison Mia.

Mac finds out Shady is his half-brother, the child his mother gave up for adoption when she was a teen, and he wanted revenge for Mac having a good life with their mother, while he was in an abusive home. It was Shady who had Mia drugged and nearly raped at the club, and Tessa paid for the act. Shady and Tessa both go to jail, and Mac and Mia raise Trent together. Blurb: Andrew Donovan is the outrageous goofy guy that everyone loves. But what you see on the outside can sometimes be deceiving. Andrew has a secret. A secret that even his closest friends know nothing about.

Married at First Sight Season 9 Reunion Spoilers & Preview

Andrew is torn. Jase Matthews comes to Jaded Hollow a dead man walking. Will Jase be the man to help him overcome the grief he feels inside? Summary: Andrew is an outrageously funny gay guy. When Jase shows up in town, Andrew goes head first into letting him know of his intent to be with him. They begin a steamy romance, but they both have secrets.

Their daughter, Ally, has leukemia, and Andrew donates bone marrow to her. His friends and Jase all find out about Ally just before he donates his bone marrow. Everyone is supportive, and they all meet Ally a few days later. Jase is running from his past; he got mixed up in a bad group in Georgia, and he killed a man after seeing him rape and abuse a young girl. The brother of the man he killed is hunting Jase and his sister Chris down.

The guy, Damien, shows up when the group of friends is all together at a diner. He holds Chris at gunpoint. There is a standoff, and the sheriff shoots and kills Damien at the same time that Damien shoots Jase in the chest. Jase survives, and spends two weeks in the hospital with Andrew at his side. The epilogue shows the couple nine years later, still in love and happy.

Ally is healthy and has been in remission for several years. Blurb: What do you do when you lose the single most important thing in your life? You grieve. You sink so deep in a hole, you can no longer see the top. All you see is dark. Your life becomes dull and dreary. Your heart no longer pumps properly and you can never get enough air in your lungs. You drink, you neglect your health, and you rent dirty hotel rooms with the sole purpose of ending your pain in them.

Guilt eats at you for not being at the one place you were needed the most. And you become angry because you were left behind. Until she came along… Chris, the bane of my existence. I just want to be left alone in my dark world. Every time I turn around, there she is. Things I never thought I could have again. But what happens if I let her in? Could I be brave enough to open myself up, knowing the possibility of having it snatched away again.

Once I know the feeling of touching Chris, of having her heart and soul blend with mine, I would never survive losing that. Can I take the chance of her being my savior, even knowing that she could also be the one that could push me over the edge of self-destruction? Summary: Nick is battling grief and guilt over losing his girlfriend Anna, who died two years ago in a brutal way.

He has severe PTSD.

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Chris came to town not long after Anna died, and has always felt drawn to Nick. She feels compelled to help him through his grief. After finding Nick passed out drunk with a gun beside him, their friend Jaxon helps Chris moves in with Nick to keep a closer eye on him. Jaxon takes the gun and Chris dumps all the alcohol down the sink.

Chris is devastated and vows that she is done with him. However, she ends up pregnant. When Nick finds out, he explodes, tells her to get rid of it, and leaves. He regrets his words right away, but Chris ends up having a miscarriage. She grieves, and Nick helps pull her out of her grief, all the while feeling guilty about developing feelings for her.

Days later, Nick leaves Chris again and she falls into a coma from an infection from the miscarriage. At the thought of losing her, Nick finally realizes he wants to be with her. While Nick sits vigil beside an unconscious Chris, she dreams of Anna. Anna tells her that Nick and Chris were always meant to be together and she needs to go back to him.

When she wakes up, Nick professes his love for her, and she tells him Anna visited her. The epilogue shows them years later, married with a daughter. Blurb: Trouble and his brothers escaped from Malus, Texas as kids. In the dead of night, they left behind a hell so hideous, it made national news.

Years later, they returned to make the place that was once their living nightmare, a safe place for those who have suffered just as they have. Little did he know the strong attraction he would feel for the woman. He fights it, tries to push it to the side, but it only grows stronger, nearly consuming him. Love is not something Trouble can afford to feel. Not when he still has vengeance in his blood and the need to punish those of his past.

Not when he knows Remi would never be able to see past the merciless actions he must carry out. Remi has no time for love either, no matter how much her heart yearns for Trouble. In a town like Malus, anything is possible…. Summary: Trouble and his brothers grew up in a town called Sweet Haven. All of the adults sexually shared their children one night a month. The adults call it The Gathering, the brothers call it Hell Night.

These activities have been going on for generations. When the boys were in their early teens, the town was raided by the FBI, and it was shut down. Some adults were killed, some were arrested, and some got away. Once the men grew up, they returned to Sweet Haven and changed the name to Malus. They run the town differently. If anyone is proven to sexually or physically assault another person, they are given the Expiration Penalty; they are shot and buried.

The brothers also hunt down the people of their pasts, and anyone else who has been convicted of sexual or physical assault. Remi comes to town, seven months pregnant. She left her hometown after Leland, the man who raped her and got her pregnant, was convicted. She delivers her baby early. Leland turns out to be one of the old members of Sweet Haven.

He escapes a prison transfer, finds Remi in Malus, and tries to kidnap their son. Trouble and his brothers come to her rescue, killing Leland. Trouble and Remi get their happily ever after in the end. Born from an ugly past, he swears no child, woman, or man will ever endure what he and his brothers have.

As he seeks retribution of the ones who have wronged him, his past and his present finally collide. Secrets are laid open. When Eden blazes into town, hot with her own threatening troubles baring down on her, JW steps in as her protector. The chemistry between the two is instant and all too tempting. Giving in was easy, but the consequences were high. JW never knew the disturbing destruction that would rain down on Malus by getting involved with the red-headed gypsy.

JW is bitter because of his gruesome past. Eden is sweet despite hers. Together, will they create a beautiful future, or will it all end in bitter sweet hell? Summary : JW and Eden meet when he pulls her over for speeding just outside of Malus. Eden believes she does not have the chip. JW insists that Eden stay in Malus, so that he can protect her.

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He is set on finding Diego, who is currently attacking and killing members of Malus, one of which was the woman Eden is staying with. Meanwhile, JW is also searching for information on his mother and brother, who escaped the raid on Sweet Haven years ago. In his quest, he discovers that the man he thought was his father was sterile from a car accident.

With the forced help of a Malus citizen, Diego manages to kidnap Eden and he stabs her just as JW arrives on the scene. Eden is in a coma for two days before she regains consciousness. JW finds the whereabouts of his mother and brother. The pair was running a daycare center, giving them the perfect opportunity to abuse more kids at their leisure. Blurb: Fierce, loyal, controlled. Three things Judge became at a young age.

Revenge fueled him, setting a path destined from the moment he and his brothers escaped their hell. Twelve years later, she reappears in his life, and she has some hellacious secrets of her own. Ones that knock Judge on his ass and threaten his ironclad control. His life quickly changes course. Priorities are shifted and sacrifices are made. Judge has a decision to make. Will he give up his incessant need for retribution? Or will he sacrifice something he never dreamed he could have, but desperately wants.

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Or is it possible to have both? Summary: Eleven years ago, months before Judge moved back to Sweet Haven with his brothers, he met and fell in love with a woman named Ellie. On the last night they were together, Judge received an important call from one of his brothers; one of the men from Sweet Haven who escaped the night of the raid was located. In an attempt to save Ellie from any backlash from the law if he were ever caught exacting his revenge, Judge broke things off with Ellie and told her to leave his apartment.

Unbeknownst to him, she was attacked and almost died when she left. Because of his heartache over leaving Ellie, Judge has never settled down. In fact, he prefers the company of several mistresses. Years later, Ellie shows up at his office with his child, Maisy. Ellie reluctantly agrees. Ellie finally tells Judge what happened to her the night he broke things off.

Judge feels immense guilt over the ordeal and sets out to find her attacker who got away. Once he finds him, Ellie demands to be there when he is tortured and killed. For years, Judge has been sending videos and pictures of him finding and killing the remaining members of Sweet Haven to a mysterious man. At the end of the story, Judge abducts his father and tortures and kills him. It is Rella, the presumed dead sister of Trouble. Blurb: Death. A soulless void. His soul is dark and filled with hatred. People in the small town of Malus watch him with fear, with reverence.

Exactly the way he prefers it. Guilt surrounds him, caging him in an ominous past he refuses to let go. His past is responsible for the shell of the man who now exists. The woman who haunts his dreams is his only salvation. The key he holds on to, the one he uses to carve into his flesh, is the key to his hell. Will there be retribution? Can Emo be saved? He suffers with severe post-traumatic stress syndrome and frequently uses a key to slice into his skin as punishment.

What the key unlocks is a mystery to everyone except Emo and his brothers. The night Rella tried to kill herself, she was taken from Sweet Haven and given to a married couple. The couple sexually abused her for fourteen years. She managed to escape ten years ago with another couple. This couple used to be members of Sweet Haven, and they faked their own deaths years ago to leave the town. When they actually died, she decided to search out her brother, Trouble.

Because of her horrific past, Rella uses self-harm to help with the remembered pain. Emo is devastated he never discovered she was alive and tortures himself more with the key. It is revealed that Rella was pregnant the night she tried to commit suicide. Because of the stress to her body, she miscarried and can no longer have children. This gives Emo even more to feel guilty about. Emo discloses it was he who killed the Sweet Haven members the night of the raid.

He also reveals he has had his father locked in the basement and has been slowly torturing him since he and his brothers moved back to Sweet Haven. The key he uses to punish himself unlocks the door in the basement where his father is kept. Rella insists on taking part in his torture. Between her and Emo, his father is tortured to death. Until now…. Summary: Luca has been having dreams of a woman for years. He has no idea who the woman is. She comes out of her coma and is terrified when she sees Luca. She has no memory, except being terrified of Luca.

Theo claims that Jules is in a coma because Luca beat her and raped her. Luca does not think that is true, but he has a six-week hole in his memories from an accident. Jules goes home with Theo, but he acts strange and abusive. Jules soon leaves Theo because of the abuse, but goes back to his house to get something she left behind, and Theo attacks her again. During the attack, she hits her head, and memories come back—memories of her and Luca from before her coma.

Luca is actually her husband, not Theo. It was Theo who originally attacked her and put her into the coma. Luca shows up and saves her from Theo. Once she tells him about her memory coming back, he remembers as well.

Matt and Kate

Theo ends up imprisoned for his crimes, and Luca and Jules get married and raise their daughter together. She unknowingly became mine the moment my eyes touched her beauty. I know all her secrets, her habits, her preferred coffee, what she does in her spare time, her favorite lingerie brand, and that she sleeps naked. At night, I watch her from her window. During the day, I watch her from my computer.

Due to his ailing health and uncertain future, he kept his interest a secret. Over the next eleven months, he learns as much as he can about her. He often breaks into her house at night to watch her sleep. He sends her messages and taunts her with his name and who he is. After receiving a good report from his doctor, Asher feels it is time to claim what he has always felt was his. He begins to pursue Poppy, keeping the fact that he has been her admirer from her.

On a business trip to Texas, he reveals who he is.

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  6. Poppy is upset that he kept the truth from her and insists they no longer see each other. Angry that Asher and Poppy are together, Eric kidnaps Poppy. Asher finds her tied to a chair, with Eric hovering nearby. Eric threatens to rape her in front of Asher. Blurb: A tortured soul meets a damaged family… A lonely man, a widowed woman, a carefree boy, and a broken girl… Can the four come together and help heal each other?

    Or will fear of the unknown and guilt about the past keep them apart? Scars mar his body. Pain has left him in pieces… Four years ago, I lost the two things I cherished most in the world. They were ripped from my arms in the most painful and cruel way. Everything changed when she and her children barged into my life. Summary: Gwen is a single mother with two young children, Kelsey and Daniel. She has not spoken since his heart attack several years ago, except to whisper her prayers at night, asking God to bring her daddy back. He has severe burn scars on half of his body, including his face, due to an accident in which he lost his wife and child.

    One day, during a snow storm, he comes across Gwen and her two children stuck in their car in a ditch. Fabiola Francisco loves the escape words offers. Her moods guide her writing, taking her anywhere from sassy and sexy romances to dark and emotion-filled love stories. Writing has always been a part of her life, penning her own life struggles as a form of therapy through poetry. She still stays true to her first love, poems, while weaving longer stories with strong heroines and honest heroes.

    She is continuously creating stories as she daydreams. Her other loves include country music, exploring the outdoors, and reading. Blurb: All eyes are on up-and-coming country artist, Cash Knight, but he has his sights set on Olivia Young. She showed up at a bar in her pajamas. Is he stalking me? I call it fate. I prefer the term romantic. Maybe I was wrong about him. I fell in love with him. Life has other plans for us. I miss her. I watch his success from afar. I need to fix this. Summary: Olivia Young is a freelance graphic designer whose social life has been at a standstill as she hides behind work.

    However, Cash is determined to get her attention and meet the confident woman who stormed into the bar and his life. Knowing Olivia will be at Country Fest, a country music festival where Rebel Desire is playing, he calls on stage the brunette woman with blue eyes he met the week before, asking the audience to help him spot her while he performs a new song inspired by her. After the festival, dragged by her cousin and best friend, Olivia faces Cash at a nearby bar, angrily calling him out, but as they get to know each other, their connection becomes stronger.

    Protecting Cash and herself, Olivia breaks both of their hearts without an explanation as Cash goes on his first tour. Feeling as she can finally explain it all to Cash, they met again where they begin to rebuild their relationship. When Nathan appears one last time while Cash and Olivia are at a bar, Cash calls him out and the fans in the crowd recognize him from his hateful social media comments. With a bruised ego, Nathan escapes the crowd. Cash and Olivia finally move forward in their relationship, ending with their wedding.

    That home visit changed my life. She is a shell of the person I knew. I just want each day to end so the night can swallow my pain. She still has so much to give. I want to help her stand on her own again. My will to keep moving forward is stalled. I want to make her smile again.

    My story has ended. Our story is just beginning. Summary: Eight months ago, Bri Carmichael lost her husband, Josh, while he was defending his country overseas. Distraught, she is no longer the same person she used to be. She closes herself off from her family and friends, getting lost in her grief. Seeing as she loses herself day after day, Cole decides to be there for her, showing up at her house unannounced and slowly cracking the shell Bri is hiding behind. A friendship strengthens as Bri opens up to Cole about her loss. As Bri slowly begins to live her life again, Cole struggles to keep his emotions hidden.

    As his words get misinterpreted by Bri, they argue and she tells him to leave. With support from her friends and therapist, she begins work through the grief and take small steps into letting Josh go. Hearing what he has to say, she approaches Cole and asks him to wait for her while she takes some time talking to Josh. With a final goodbye, she turns to Cole, prepared to begin a new part of her life.

    Though she continues to struggle with her fear of loss, Cole supports her and proves to her every day she deserves a second chance. I want what all my friends have. I want to show her she can have it all. He thinks we can be a family. She and Rae are my family now, and no one will take them away from me. Summary: Cassidy Rae Pressman is a single mom who lives in a mobile home in Nashville, doing her best to provide for her six-year-old daughter, Rae, and support her father and ill mother.

    Pouring his frustration into running, he loses track of his surroundings and enters a nearby diner. The blonde waitress humming one of his songs catches his eye and interest. Jason and Cassidy Rae begin seeing each other, balancing life and relationship. He helps Cassidy Rae rediscover who she is at her core, besides a mother and daughter, encouraging her to be herself while still providing for her daughter.

    Jason questions if it is best to let Cassidy Rae and Scott attempt to become a family as he struggles with his place in their dynamic. They navigate this new family system, sharing custody with Scott while building their own life. Blurb: A captivating story about love, family secrets, and self-discovery. I finally followed the life I always dreamed of. All of the pieces fell into an easy path, but the illusion of perfection hid the pain I was still carrying. Until I met him. They say when you cross paths with a twin flame, everything changes. Matthias proved that to be true as he stripped me down, removing the illusion and baring every single truth I refused to look at.

    Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 () - Full Cast & Crew - IMDb

    He was the love that could deconstruct my patterns. Summary: Navia has made the bold choice to follow her heart and move to Glastonbury, England from the United States in search of her life purpose. Working with spirituality and holistic modalities, she guides others in healing their own emotional scars and writes novels, although her current project is a non-fiction book.

    When her relationship with Matthias becomes deeper, Navia runs emotionally, causing them to go their separate ways. This allows Navia to truly look at her past and begin to heal. When she realizes that the only truth in life is love, her understanding and perspective towards those who hurt her becomes clearer. She goes to Matthias to share her understanding that love is not a weakness but a strength, and they reconcile.

    They learn to grow and evolve alongside each other, working together with holistic modalities. They marry in an intimate ceremony. Mikayla Anderson is a survivor… barely. A less than normal upbringing has left her ripped apart by someone she was supposed to trust. To escape the dangers in her home life, she buys a one-way ticket as far away as her meager savings will take her—Nashville. She turns to self-harm as a way to cope, until one day she takes it too far.

    She can prioritize targets, and she's prioritizing Derek. Chris asks about the pack. Allison says that they kill them if they try to protect Derek. Gerard is pleased with her bloodlust. At the sheriffs station, Gerard quotes Shakespeare. Gerard makes his way inside and Scott runs into Gerard in the hallway and says that it wasn't supposed to happen like this. He's done everything that Gerard has asked him to do. I've given you all the information that you wanted.

    I told you Matt was controlling Jackson. Gerard drops the pill box that he's been taking pills from all season, and Scott hands it back to him. Matt runs from the station and to a bridge, where he encounters Gerard. Gerard throws him into the river and drowns him. He leaves Matt's body in the water and finds the kanima sitting under the bridge waiting for him. Peter Hale watches Gerard greet the kanima. Scott steps out of his shower and wipes the fog from the mirror. He hears something behind him and turns to see the kanima up in the corner of his room holding his mother hostage.

    Gerard villains and says there's been some interesting developments lately and would like to talk. Scott takes out his claws, but Gerard just tells him to be realistic. Scott asks him to let Melissa go. Gerard says he can't but he might be able to let her live depending on what Scott does. Gerard tells him that he wants Derek and his pack. Scott replies that they're all in hiding, so Scott doesn't know where they are.

    Gerard thinks that with the proper motivation he can devise a plan, and luckily the kanima is pretty good at motivating people. He can control the kanima because he came to Beacon Hills to avenge Kate, not just bury her. The kanima drops Melissa, and it and Gerard leave. In the boys locker room, Gerard enters as the Coach finishes his speech.

    He tells them that he thinks they'll do well with only one co-captain leading them. Scott and Stiles look at each other, not sure what that means. Gerard tells the players to get out there and murder the other team. During the game, Gerard starts talking to Scott from a distance and tells him that the game is about to get interesting. Gerard tells Scott that when the scoreboard clock starts counting down the last 30 seconds of the game, if he hasn't given up Derek then Jackson is going to start killing people.

    He threatens Melissa, the Sheriff, and Lydia and says that Scott will help him take Derek down no matter the cost. Isaac starts attacking the other team members forcing the coach to play Scott. Gerard figures out what's going on and has Jackson attack Isaac on the field. He gives Isaac enough of a dose of toxin that Isaac can't move his leg. Gerard tells him that if he wants to play chess he better be willing to sacrifice his own pawns.

    Coach Finstock tells Scott to get into the game. Melissa runs onto the field and asks Scott if something more than a lacrosse game is happening. Scott tells her to leave, but she won't and instead tells him that he has to help if he can. Gerard tells Scott that the real offer on the table is Allison. If Scott gives up Derek, Gerard will let him pursue Allison. In the locker room, Isaac attempts to crawl away from Gerard. Gerard takes a sword from one of his flunkies and holds it up. Gerard comes at Isaac with the sword. Isaac pulls himself up against the sinks in the locker room, and Gerard sees in the mirror that Scott is behind him.

    Scott deals with Gerard's flunkies, but he doesn't know what happened to Gerard. He then gets Jackson to kill himself. Gerard comes down the staircase after Stiles tries to free Erica and Boyd. Stiles makes a snotty comment to Gerard, saying that he could probably kick his ass. Gerard, proves him wrong when he smacks Stiles to the floor. Later, at an abandoned building, where Scott and his friends are crowding around Jackson's body, Gerard enters and says that his son is correct. All the werewolves take their shapes and begin fighting Jackson.

    The kanima turns on Allison and Gerard reveals that he has cancer. Wow, what an evil dude. Gerard wants Scott to kill Derek to save Allison. Scott makes Derek bite Gerard, who wants to change into a werewolf. He holds up his arm. Scott says that, "Everyone always said that Gerard always has a plan, so I had one too. Gerard spits up a lot of black nasty goo.

    Everyone then looks for Gerard but only finds traces of black blood in his trail. Chris goes to see his father at the nursing home. Chris wants to know who bit him, and Gerard tells him that it was Deucalion. In Gerard's room, Chris demands to know the truth about Deucalion. After Chris leaves, Allison shows up. Gerard gets a visit from Scott and Allison. He turns around in his wheelchair and rolls up his sleeve, asking Scott to give an old man something for his pain.

    Allison tells Scott that he doesn't have to do this, but it's Gerard price for telling them what they want to know. Scott grips hands with Gerard and starts siphoning away his pain. The pain is intense enough for Scott that his eyes glow. Gerard is interested to learn that there was a third healer sacrifice after Scott saved Deaton. Gerard points out that it's almost like Deaton was expected to survive, since the sacrifice happened so quickly. Gerard posits that Deaton is the Darach. Scott is adamant that Deaton would never let anyone innocent die.

    Gerard tells him that he would be surprised how far some people would go to get rid of Deucalion. Gerard laughs because he doesn't go particularly easily. He spits up more black ooze. Gerard says that Scott's turned him into a medical mystery. His cancer is basically gone, but his body keeps making ooze. Scott demands to know how to beat Deucalion, and Gerard huffs. I've tried. As she's on her way out, Gerard tells her to wait. He tells them that Deucalion may have lost his eyes, but he's not always blind. There was an exceptionally powerful alpha who did, though, Talia Hale.

    Talia could shape-shift into a full wolf, which is a rare talent, and it made her a leader among Werewolf.

    Altri titoli da considerare

    Allison asks how her father knows about druids and celtic symbols, and Gerard tells her, "Know thy enemy. Gerard gets up and asks them if they know the myth of Lycaon. According to the myth, some ancient Greeks believed that they owed their lives more to Prometheus than to the gods of Olympus. Some of these people took names that honored the titans instead of the gods. Deucalion was the son of Prometheus. Lycaon challenged the gods, by inviting Zeus to a banquet and attempting to serve him human flesh.

    Zeus punished Lycaon and his sons by turning them into wolves. Lycaon then sought out the druids to help turn him back into a human. He sought druids because they could supposedly shape-shift. The druids couldn't cure Lycaon, but they could teach him how to shift. Ever since, druids have been important advisors to the packs. Deaton was the one who arranged a meeting between Deucalion and Gerard. Gerard still believes that Deucalion was there to attack him.

    Scott asks him how he knows they didn't want to make peace, and Gerard replies, "Because I'm not an idiot. It's the same story as The Scorpion and the Frog. Gerard says that he knew he was walking into a trap. Gerard tells Allison and Scott that the Werewolf attacked them in an ambush. Gerard tells Scott and Allison that this is why Deucalion isn't always blind. He can see as a wolf. Allison and Scott get up to leave, and Gerard asks him to take some more of his pain before they go.

    He tells Scott that sometimes he wonders what would have happened if he'd done things differently. He wonders when it became his nature to believe that most things couldn't be asked for but had to be taken. Scott replies that he doesn't believe him. The whole time he was talking to them, his heartbeat never wavered. Scott grabs Gerard's hand and squeezes hard. He warns him that if he lied and it gets people hurt, he'll be back to take away more that Gerard's pain. Chris pays a visit to his father-in-law and gives him the flower which happens to be a cure.

    Gerard is cured and tells him of the creatures who live to end life. Chris and Gerard are moving through an underground tunnel. Gerard tells Chris that the body is oil black like a shadow pretending to be real and they proceed with caution. They continue to move through the tunnel and Chris takes the lead as Gerard continues in another direction. Gerard runs into the Dread Doctors and places a frequency scrambler. Chris approaches a drain and when he looks down there are countless bodies being fed on by insects.

    Later still in the tunnels, Scott opens the door he runs right into Chris and Gerard. Scott is shocked to see Gerard alive and already shows off his alpha eyes. Gerard tells him that the color suits him and Liam is finally introduced to Gerard. Chris defends his actions in bringing Gerard back by saying he has knowledge of all the stories. They reveal that the painting in the room is actually the beast fighting the hell hound.

    Scott tells them about the Damnatio Memoriae message. They knock down another wall and find a stack of bodies. Scott notices that the dead bodies in the painting represent all of them. Later, Parrish comes face to face with Gerard and Chris who tells him about the hell hound. They ask him to go over what happened to him in Afghanistan and he looks over a memory of trying to diffusing a bomb when it goes off.

    Chris holds Parrish while Gerard holds a flame to him and Parrish finally sees himself begin to transform into the hell hound. Parrish is completely shocked and asks Chris if Gerard is his father. Chris replies, "not by choice. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Chris : " We have a code.