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Hope to hear from you. Happy Love Bev xx. Kind regards — D E Management. Hi david hope u are well hope you had a great Christmas and new year too would there be any chance of a calendar iam missing your calendars in my home if you could let me know sending best wishes to you and ur family all my love always Janice prime xxxxxx. Is it possible to find out the guitar make you have with you on Reflections album? Im about to learn!!!!!!!

Sallyx Essex. My name is David Champion Guess where my first name comes from???

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Not that live performance anyway or any of that gig… So the dvd made me a hero of a son in her eyes. Internet is the devil but yea even something as simple as an email saying hi to her would make her year!!!! If not her life!!! Apologies David for not getting back to you sooner. Would your mum like a signed photo? If so please leave your Mums name and an address to send it to. Kind regards, D E Management. Hello David, just wanted to wish you and your family a very merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and prosperous new year. Love from Ann Baker xxxx.

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Have a good one! Mine has just been made! Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow……. A bit of an argument as to where it was filmed looks like Dartmoor to me. We both loved it. Oh, How I love Christmas! Can anyone help. David had a song with the line fishing in the wind, which I really liked, but now cannot find as I cannot remember the title of the actual song. I was in Cardiff and heard A Winters Tale and it was beautiful.

The lights twink! My mum says I went to Peggy o Farrell stage school with you and met yr mum? Will there be a season 2?! This is my mums computor and I am trying to get this for her for christmas……. Her name is Rosemary but she likes to be called Rosie…Thank you. If you can give me address then I can get that done for you.

Really interested to view the path you walked and how it all lead to where you are today. David, thank you for an amazing concert at Cricket St Thomas last Week. Thoroughly enjoyed every minute. It was worth the epic journey to get there! Always have one for Xmas off kids!! Fingers crossed. The band were brilliant as usual. Hope to see you soon David. Hello David, thank you for a wonderful concert at Cricket St Thomas, the atmosphere felt very special as it was quite an intimate venue and your performance was captivating as usual.

See you next time, luv Ya to the stars and back Ann XX. David and your awesome band the best by far.. Thoroughly enjoyed the show last night. I hope you do another one soon, we miss you David. All the best to you, the family and the lovely band. Anne Xx. What a night, David, you rocked Brighton Centre, amazing. Hi David, Had my ticket for months but due to a foot injury 5 months ago that refuses to stop hurting, I am off work today and instead of going up to London to see you at Wembley tonight, I am sat with foot up in splint resting it.

At least I am lucky that I have met you twice, and had my photo taken with you , the last time in Feb of this year when you came to Reading for your book signing. You are a true Gent and have brought me so much fun over all my years of seeing you in concerts and stage shows. Love Jan from Reading xx. Hi David and the band, As always you were the best by far on Sunday night in Leeds.

You only had to listen to the crowd to know that. Rock on! Sue hull. He married a Londoner! Really enjoyed the show but you were the out and out star of it for us. Was really sad not to have the chance to hear more of your songs as we obviously did at the Liverpool Philomonic at the end of you final tour.

Adore Only a Winters tale although it makes me cry — even over the sausages if necessary! I truly hope to see you again one day. Take care, enjoy life and thank you for years of pure joy listening to your voice and seeing the twinkle in those blue eyes, love Shirley and the Scouser who took me, Steve! Hi David You were fabulous in Leeds last night. Hot chocolate, The Osmonds and Suzi Quattro were also good but your session was by far the best. Really hope you will never stop singing with your band. Love always Julie Hull xxx. Dear David, Brilliant show in Birmingham on Saturday.

You were by far the best artist. See you at Wembley. David u rocked Glasgow last nite. Just got back to Dundee. Have a great time at the other venues. Come back to Scotland soon. Love Jill Cassidyx. Happy belated birthday Anna. I have a small star tattoo at the top of my left arm. Good luck with yours — David.

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Jerry also such a pleasant guy always willing to chat thanks.. David thanks again I feel lucky that I could have quick chat albeit up the hill lol and later on before you went on stage. All the best x. I have been a lifelong fan from the beginning I have seen you in concert every year and I am going to Warners hotel in Nottingham At the end of September can I please meet you there and have my photo taken with you please it might be my last chance.

Hope you have a great time. Was so looking forward to it. But at least I have the Legends concert to look forward to! Now for Legends! I am also booked to see The Legends tour at Wembley and it is my goal to get there. Wish me luck in my recovery and good luck with your other dates. I think the saying is break a leg? How funny!!!!!! Lorna xx.

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You were in the process of making That will Be The Day. I lived in Ilford Essex, my mum was meeting your mum and you took me out in your car for a drive. Since then I have been a fan of your music and acting. I managed to even see you in Evita. I would just like to say thankyou. The gift l painted …T. Shirt Ankh …so mant things over the Years! Our lives changed ,the Grandchildren 9 ,plus Great Grandchildren 6 and two little Angels in heaven.

How about You! Hope you are Healthy,and Happy …. Love,Bren xxxx. She has been a devoted fan from day one and has lots of old memorabilia from the concerts back in the day including the scarves and would love a shout out in butlins. Her name is Susan regards carole. I am in dispute with a friend as I think I saw David Essex and about a week later the Rolling Stones at the same venue. Thanks, Shirley. Is it possible to buy any of your mugs, or have they sold out?! Thanks, Love Sally Essex xxx. Love Julie From Hull xx. Sorry Dave, but David has sadly neglected keeping things from his career.

So as far as memorabilia is concerned, there is very little. Hi dave Stumbled on the web site, quiet Saturday for Before the season starts!! Delayed a trip to Italy, when a mate said you Would beattending a charity ball , at the curve Leicester, ended up on a table with Lesley Joseph, lovely lady, and the performing magician Grabbed be as his assistant…. Promise not to do my David Essex impression! Ps apparently you saw my leicester city mate Mac and his wife in Barbados too Look after yourself , hope you had a great Birthday All the best Kev. Hi David Hope you are having a very happy 70th birthday today!

It says on percussion David Essex courtesy of his mum — I wondered if you could shed some light on the courtesy and how your mum was involved please? Love Julie from Hull x. Happy 70th birthday David hope you have a lovely celebration. Sally from Somerset xxx. Hi David Many happy returns of the day on this your 70th birthday Rock on Sue hull.

I loved that song. Janet x. Happy 70th Birthday David. Thank you for sharing your music with us. Managed marketplaces take on additional work of actually influencing or managing the service experience, and in doing so, create a step-function improvement in the customer experience. Rather than just enabling customers to discover and build trust with the end provider, these marketplaces take on the work of actually creating trust.

In the a16z portfolio, Honor is building a managed marketplace for in-home care, and interviews and screens every care professional before they are onboarded and provides new customers with a Care Advisor to design a personalized care plan. Opendoor is a managed marketplace that creates a radically different experience for buying and selling a home. When a customer wants to sell their home, Opendoor actually buys the home, performs maintenance, markets the home, and finds the next buyer. Contrast this with the traditional experience of selling a home, where there is the hassle of repairs, listing, showings, and potentially months of uncertainty.

If we zoom out further, there are many more categories of services that can benefit from managed models and other tactics to unlock supply. We think the next era of service marketplaces have potential to unlock a huge swath of the million service jobs in the US.

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These marketplaces will tackle the opportunities that have eluded previous eras of service marketplaces, and will bring the most difficult services categories online — in particular, services that are regulated. Regulation of services was critical pre-internet, since it served to signify a certain level of skill or knowledge required to perform a job.

But digital platforms mitigate the need for licensing by exposing relevant information about providers and by establishing trust through reviews, managed models, guarantees, platform requirements, and other mechanisms. For instance, most of us were taught since childhood never to get into cars with strangers; with Lyft and Uber, consumers are comfortable doing exactly that, millions of times per day, as a direct result of the trust those platforms have built.

Licensing of service professions creates an important standard, but also severely constrains supply. The time and money associated with getting licensed or certified can lock out otherwise qualified suppliers for instance, some states require a license to braid hair or to be a florist , and often translate into higher fees, long waitlists, and difficulty accessing the service. The criteria involved in getting licensed also do not always map to what consumers actually value, and can hinder the discovery and access of otherwise suitable supply.

As with each wave of previous service marketplaces, these new approaches bring more value-add to unlock the market, with variations in models that are well-suited to different categories. Some startups are tackling verticals that lack good discovery of licensed providers. Examples include Houzz, which enables users to search for and contact licensed home improvement professionals, and StyleSeat, which helps users find and book beauty appointments with licensed cosmetologists.

Companies can raise the quality of service by hiring and managing providers themselves, and by managing the end-to-end customer experience. Examples are Honor and Trusted, managed marketplaces for elder care and childcare, respectively, which employ caregivers as W-2 employees and provide them with training and tools. In the real estate world, Redfin agents are employees whose compensation is tied to customer satisfaction, unlike most real estate agents who are independent contractors working on commission.

With improvements in real-time video, richer telepresence technologies, and better visualization technologies, more synchronous services are also shifting from being delivered in-person to online. Outschool and Lambda School are examples of de-localizing instruction, enabling teachers and students to participate remotely while preserving real-time interaction. Another approach is to help suppliers navigate the certification process.

Fuzzy, an in-home veterinary service, uses AI and vet technicians to augment the productivity of licensed veterinarians; and a16z portfolio company Atrium builds automation and workflow management to provide efficiency gains in the legal industry. Some companies utilize unlicensed supply — notably Lyft, Uber, and other peer-to-peer rideshare networks.

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  • In this essay, we argue that a breakthrough is on its way: The first phase of the internet has been about creating marketplaces for goods, but the next phase will be about reinventing the service economy. Startups will build on the lessons and tactics to crack the toughest and largest service industries — including regulated markets that have withstood digital transformation for decades.

    In doing this, the lives of million Americans who work in the services-providing industries will join the digital transformation of the economy [1]. We propose that a new age of service marketplaces will emerge, driven by unlocking more complex services, including services that are regulated.

    Why is that? Despite the rise of services in the overall economy, there are a few reasons why services have lagged behind goods in terms of coming online:. First, on the complexity and diversity of services, services are performed by providers who vary widely, unlike goods which are manufactured to a certain spec. This lack of standardization makes it difficult for a service marketplace to capture and organize the relevant information. Second, services are often complex interactions without a clear yardstick of success or quality. The customer experience of a service is often subjective, making traditional marketplace features like reviews, recommendations, and personalization more difficult to implement.

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    Sometimes just getting the job completed as in rideshare is sufficient to earn a 5-star review, whereas other higher-stakes services, like childcare, have complex customer value functions, including safety, friendliness, communicativeness, rapport with child, and other subjective measures of success. Third, small service providers often lack the tools or time to come online.

    In many service industries, providers are small business owners with low margins; contrast this with goods manufacturing where there are economies of scale in production, and thus consolidation into large consumer products companies. While major e-commerce platforms have taken on the role of distribution, merchandising, and fulfilling orders for goods, there are few platforms that service providers can plug into to manage their businesses and reach customers. Fourth, real-world interaction is central to services, which can pull other steps of the services funnel into the offline world as well.

    Many services are produced and consumed simultaneously in real-world interactions, whereas goods entail independent stages of production, distribution, and consumption. The various stages of the goods value chain can be easily unbundled, with e-commerce marketplaces comprising the discovery, transaction, and fulfillment steps. Conversely, since the production and consumption of services usually occur simultaneously offline, the discovery, distribution, and transaction pieces are also often integrated into the offline experience.

    For instance, since getting a haircut entails going to a salon and having interactions with the providers there, the stages of the value chain that precede and follow that interaction discovery, booking, and payment also often get incorporated into the in-person experience. The first iteration of bringing services online involved unmanaged horizontal marketplaces, essentially listing platforms that helped demand search for supply and vice versa.

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    These marketplaces were the digital version of the Yellow Pages, enabling visibility into which service providers existed, but placing the onus on the user to assess providers, contact them, arrange times to meet, and transact. It includes a jumble of house remodeling, painting, carpet cleaners, wedding photographers, and other services. Companies iterated on the horizontal marketplace model by focusing on a specific sub-vertical, enabling them to offer features tailored to a specific industry.

    For instance, Care. The platform has features including reviews, profiles, certified providers, and an online quote submission process. These platforms have a network effect in that more reviews means more users and more reviews.