Raw Food Diet for Dogs: Feeding fresh meat made easy!

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From the short intestines to the powerful jaw bones to the teeth designed for cutting and ripping flesh. Dogs are opportunistic carnivores. And just like wolves in the wild a typical diet would involve hunting or finding and eating another animal. Dogs are of course natural scavengers, and when hungry will eat almost anything.

Here's how to do it without breaking the bank

But make no mistake about it, your dog is essentially a carnivore, this means he is a natural meat eater. Wolves have survived on the raw meat and the pre-digested foods of their prey for thousands of years. This type of diet is high in protein, easily digestible and provides optimum nutrition and energy. As omnivores our jaws can do both. Furthermore dogs and wolves do not produce the digestive enzyme amylase in their saliva which aids the breakdown of carbohydrates. This is another difference between carnivores, herbivores and omnivores.

For carnivores, the burden of digesting carbohydrates is placed entirely on the pancreas. Like those found in raw meat. Since the beginning of their evolutionary history, dogs and their wild ancestors have thrived on diets based on fresh meaty bones as opposed to grains or cereals. This is why you would not find a dog grazing in a field for food. This raw meat contained live enzymes, natural anti-oxidants, fully digestible proteins, health promoting essential fatty acids, organic vitamins and minerals, etc. They were definitely not the carbohydrate-filled diets of modern processed dog food of today.

When a carnivore such as a dog or wolf eats an herbivore for example a rabbit it generally gets to eat some meat, bone, and organ meats. The carnivore will also digest a small amount of green vegetation found in the herbivore's digestive tract. It is these components that make up a good raw dog food diet. The vitamins and minerals in these food groups occur naturally.

Domestic dogs of today are not only capable of eating the food of their wild ancestors, but actually thrive on it. This is because despite domestication, their basic physiology has changed very little. Therefore it makes sense that a dog fed a diet which is species appropriate i. Remember; dogs and wolves actually struggle to digest grains and despite marketing literature which tells you otherwise, dogs do not require large amounts of carbohydrates. Furthermore their protein is derived from the muscle meat of other animals as opposed to protein sources such as grains and vegetable.

Instead they are fed processed foods which are often unchanging from day to day and most probably do not provide them with adequate nutrition. Raw Food Diet - Dispelling the Myths One has to consider that if raw dog food was dangerous, dogs would have become extinct many years ago. As we have previously mentioned, processed dog food is a relatively modern invention, dogs have been eating raw for nearly 15, years since they were first domesticated!

There are a few misconceptions around the issue of the raw food dog diet which we hope to dispel here as follows:.

Vet Guide - General Info and Tips About Feeding a Raw Food Diet to Cats and Dogs

An argument against the raw dog food diet is that feeding a dog raw meat can lead to bacterial infections. Bacteria are still present on the meat, and just as worrying it could be passed on to humans through poor meat preparation, or via the faeces of the dog.

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We therefore cook meat because we think it renders it safe for our dogs. Of course when preparing raw meat one should take the usual precautions that you would when feeding a member of your family, by cleaning the counter, using a clean knife and washing your hands etc. We have written some useful reminders around handling of raw dog food on our website here.

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  8. As for bacteria being passed on through faecal matter, then again, the normal precautions of hygiene would apply. However, we need to bear in mind that dogs are natural scavengers so are very well-equipped to deal with bacteria. In any event, they are able to deal with the low level of contamination which may be present in fresh uncooked meat. They even eat herbivore faeces. The anti-bacterial juices in their mouth and stomach are highly effective and mean they can eat things which a human cannot.

    Unfortunately it is more likely that processed foods will make your dog ill. Some people think dogs are omnivores, meaning they are designed to eat both vegetation and meat. It is true that dogs do and can eat vegetation, because they are opportunists, we have a video of wolves eating berries on our site , but they are anatomically carnivores. They belong to the Carnivora order and therefore in their wild state they are basically flesh eaters with powerful digestive juices. You only need to look at the anatomy and physiology of a dog, to see that a dog is designed to eat meat.

    7 Easy Raw Dog Food Recipes you can Make at Home

    Dogs are opportunistic carnivores with omnivorous abilities. However, their entire anatomy and physiology has been designed for a meat eating diet. This of course does not mean that they thrive on meat alone, and dogs have proven that they can survive on human dinner scraps and certain vegetation during times of hunger. However to optimise their health we need to recognise that they are first and foremost carnivores with omnivorous abilities.

    The raw dog food diet recognises this and the Wolf Tucker meals follow this principle. Bones What about bones? Despite what you may have heard, dogs do need raw meaty bones. Cooking bones makes them brittle and therefore, more likely to splinter and this is why cooked bones are an issue. Do not feed your dog cooked bones. Dogs and their wild ancestors have been eating raw meaty bones for a very long time with no ill effect.

    You can see by their teeth that canines are purpose built to eat bones. Chewing on a bone is a very stimulating activity for a dog which also releases endorphins which promote a feeling of well-being. Perhaps the best thing about bone chewing is that it prevents tartar build up; bones act as a natural tooth brush for a dog. So it is important that uncooked bones are provided as an addition to any raw food diet. Bones have a vital part to play in the dental health of our canine companions. At the end of the day; nature is indisputable.

    In other words, you cannot argue with nature.

    Which is The Best Dog Food Raw, Home Cooked or Kibble?

    If you want to feed your dog a BARF diet, it essentially means you cannot feed your dog any cooked or processed food. An important distinction in the BARF diet from other raw dog food diets is that it does not duplicate but mimics the evolutionary diet of dogs. This means that BARF feeders do not have to send their dogs out to hunt or kill their prey, but can obtain ingredients from the local store if need be. In the wild, dogs do not have access to veterinary care and are subject to other dangers such as starvation and natural predators; the BARF diet recognises this.

    BARF allows your dog to be fed a variety of human grade raw meat and bones, fruits and vegetables and supplements with the objective being that your dog will receive a balanced diet. In the wild dogs eat meat, bones, skin, organs, stomach contents, and an array of other parts. They may feed on fruits, berries, herbs and grasses. Hence the most common BARF diet consists primarily of raw, meaty bones as well as a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, muscle meat and organ meats.

    Raw Feeding Guide

    The goal is not to create a well-balanced meal each day, but to create a balanced diet over a period of time. Behavioural issues Aggression and behavioural issues can also be linked to poor diet, so switching your dog to a BARF diet could substantially improve any behavioural issues.

    Some common behavioural problems which may be linked to poor diet are as follows:. Look at those puppy eyes! Hank loved his Lecker Bites! It's nice to be able to give him treats that I know are good for him and natural. As well as treats he loves the mixers with his breakfast and dinner.

    Whatever makes my dog happy makes me happy,and we both are very happy with Lecker Bites. Highly recommended! As a treat or mixed with his own food. He did not have sensitive tummy episodes since he started eating Lecker Bites either, even worming became easier. I mix the meat with his food.

    Raw Feeding Guide | How to feed your Dog Raw | WolfTucker

    His favourites are the beef cubes, the giant prawns and cow udders. This food has been great for Frankie. It's a really easy way to incorporate a bit of raw feeding into your dogs diet without breaking the bank. And he really really loves it, he runs around in circles and follows me whilst I put it in his bowl.

    This is a picture of him being a very good boy waiting for a mix of beef, chicken hearts and prawns. Its also a good way to get fluids as he drinks all the liquid used to soak the freeze dried food in. Since adding this into his diet we have noticed a big improvement in his stomach health as well. Hattie loves her Lecker Bites!

    She loves them all but her absolute favourite are her udderly delicious beef udders. They're like cat-nip for dogs - the smell drives her wild and even if they're hidden in my bag she can sniff them out. They're great as training treats. She also loves the chicken hearts and tripe patties - she has them as part of her complete raw meals, and she always gets a slurp of gravy from the water I add.

    Thoroughly recommended and Hattie says woof please! Welcome to Lecker Bites. Perfect for complete feeding or treats. Edible wet or dry.

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    Dogs cannot resist the flavour of our nutritious treats and chews. This is the best way to improve the total health of your loving dog. Made in Germany. At Lecker Bites, we believe: "Your dogs deserve to eat the food nature always intended for them. When you combine the ease of use and the safety it offers,. Roger loves Lecker Bites as a meal and treat and went crazy for the Giant Prawns! Scooby's favourites are the Giant Prawns. Really like the food and also suggested to a friend! This is why we joined hands with dog owners and handlers with our unmatched quality products to promote the bond between you and your dog.