Central Colorado Alpine Lakes (Hiking/Fishing Guide)

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A good rule when going to explore an alpine lake is to check the weather forecast before you go. Try and target days when there is little to no chance of storms.

Top 3 Best Kept Fly Fishing Destinations in Colorado

Also, always plan to hike in very early before sunrise and be out by the afternoon. Most of the alpine lakes do hold fish, but always do some research on the area you are looking to go into. Some lakes completely freeze during the winter and kill off the fish in them. Typically, lakes that are no more than feet deep will winter kill.

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The deeper lakes freeze, of course, but not completely to the bottom. These lakes will be prime habitat for the trout to grow quite large. Fishing at these locations is not easy. These fish are in a spawning pattern almost immediately after ice out and will be very finicky for several weeks.

Alpine Lakes Wilderness: Okanogan-Wenatchee

The food sources in these lakes are actually plentiful, with scuds and chironomids topping the list. Alpine hopper fishing can be absolutely electric as well as other small dry fly patterns. If you are looking to try something different and truly life changing, do some research and plan a high alpine lake trip.

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We have some great books in the shop on the topic of high mountain lakes and backcountry fishing. As always, our guides and staff would to help you plan your trip.

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Focus on map Share. Small pond and wetland along Spruce Creek Trail. Creative Commons: Attribution. Hartenstein Lake.

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Kroenke Lake. This alpine lake provides options from day hike to shuttle hike to backpacking destination.

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Bear Lake in Horn Fork Basin. Willis Lake.

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