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Yeah they hurt super bad , I strongly dislike Paper cuts. I also got stung by a bee before. It's kinda like getting a Paper cut! Thank you for sharing your thoughts, anonymus! We think that's a good idea for a Wonder of the Day! We hope you'll submit your question to our Wonder Bank! You can also embark on your own Wonder Journey to discover the answer for yourself! We don't like them either, Karter! We hope today's Wonder helps you understand WHY they're so painful. Hi, Grace. Even though paper is flimsy, the edges are thin and can be very sharp. Thanks for your question! Thanks for joining the discussion, Grace!

Even though pieces of paper seem harmless, the edges can cause real pain. Now you can explain why paper cuts can be so painful, Hope.

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Sometimes big things come in small packages! Paper cuts are very painful! I have had many paper cuts in my life, and I know that they hurt! I am so glad I read this article, because now I know why they hurt. They sure do, Colton.

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Hopefully today's Wonder helped you understand why paper cuts are so painful. Thanks for your comment! Very interesting article. It was a little gross to read the part about paper ripping through my fingers. We're glad you liked this Wonder,??? Your name shows that you really like asking questions! I have a paper cut on my nuckel and i was not playing on the corner of the piece of paper.

Is there any where else on paper can you get a paper cut besised the corner? Hmmm, we aren't sure, Jada! Perhaps it wasn't a piece of paper that gave you a small cut. Maybe you got injured another way? Thanks for joining the discussion, aidan! We hope you learned some new things from this Wonder. You can dive into deeper detail by researching nerve fibers and pain receptors in the human body. Just search online or at your local library! Hey, Wonder Friends! Before you submit your comment, please remember:.

Comments are subject to approval and may not be published if they are not appropriate for the Wonder discussion. Drag a word to its definition. You have answered 0 of 3 questions correctly and your score is:. Want to add a little wonder to your website? Help spread the wonder of families learning together. We sent you SMS, for complete subscription please reply. Follow Twitter Instagram Facebook.

Why does a paper cut hurt so much? What are nociceptors? How does a paper cut compared to a knife? Wonder What's Next? Try It Out Are you ready for some hands-on learning? Ask a friend or family member to help you check out the following activities: Have you ever had a paper cut? If you've been alive for several years and have learned to enjoy reading books, then chances are you've experienced a paper cut at one time or another. What do you remember about the experience? How would you describe the pain?

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Think of at least five adjectives you would use to describe the pain of a paper cut, and then write a short story that incorporates each of your chosen adjectives. How do you heal the small cuts, scrapes, and bruises you get from time to time? Take a look at your first aid supplies at home. Do you have bandages? How about antibiotic ointment? If possible, ask an adult family member or friend to take you on a field trip to a local pharmacy. What types of bandages do they have? Have you ever tried liquid bandages?

Are there any supplies you need to purchase to stock your first aid station at home? What types of people might tend to get paper cuts more often than others? Librarians handle books on a daily basis. Teachers pass out papers every day. Can you think of any other professions that might be susceptible to paper cuts on a regular basis? What kinds of things could people in these professions do to prevent paper cuts? Brainstorm ideas and share them with your teacher or school librarian!

Did you get it? Test your knowledge. Wonder Words odd pile jolt razor wimp sting obvious annoying painful location primary pressure seriously disproportionate sensitive temperature constantly comparison Take the Wonder Word Challenge. Join the Discussion. Wonderopolis Jan 30, Sounds like you got a paper cut, I Like Walls! Sanjana Srini Dec 5, Dec 6, Boi is awesome Nov 30, Paper cuts hurt so bad I cry most times I get them.

Nov 30, We hope you don't get them very often, Boi! Dec 1, Wonderopolis Nov 29, Neve Nov 20, I think paper cuts hurt so much because the corner of the paper diggs in to your skin. Wonderopolis Nov 21, That certainly hurts, Neve! Thank you for joining the discussion. My name is gone Nov 20, It's nice to hear from you, Wonder Friend!

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us! Hate paper now Nov 17, Wonderopolis Nov 18, Wow, it sounds like you have a painful paper cut, Hate paper now! We hope it heals quickly! Nov 14, Randy orton Nov 16, Wonderopolis Nov 16, Wonderopolis Nov 15, Samantha Nov 14, I think Paper cuts really hurt. And I think that this story is Fascinating! Wonderopolis Nov 14, Thanks for adding your comment, Wonder Friend! Wonderopolis Nov 11, Peyton Nov 9, What are nerve fibers?

That's one thing that I still don't understand Wonderopolis Nov 9, Karter Nov 9, I don't like paper cuts they hurt a lot. Christopher Nov 10, Me to! It gets my fingers very bloody.

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Emily Nov 14, Same here, they hurt really bad. Thanks for joining the discussion, Emily! We're glad to hear from you. Ouch, Christopher!

We hope that doesn't happen too often! We agree with you, Karter! They are certainly no fun! Horse Girl Nov 9, Wonderopolis Nov 10, You're right, Horse Girl! Thanks for commenting. Joe C Nov 8, Roo Nov 11, Wonderopolis Nov 12, Thanks for adding your input, Roo. Thanks for adding your thoughts, Joe! We hope you enjoyed exploring this Wonder! Ryan Nov 8, Your comment made us smile today! Thanks for sharing it. Logic Nov 16, You got a paper cut on your computer?

So sad Thanks for joining the discussion, Logic! We hope you learned something new with us. When I first contacted Paper Cuts, I gotta admit Then the icing on the cake is the destroyed documents are eventually recycled and return as napkins Excellent job from the customer service to the driver. I went on the website to request a quote on a Sunday, within 15 minutes I got a call explaining their service and telling me that on Monday around 8am, I'll receive another call to schedule an appointment. Right on cue, on Monday I was able to schedule an appointment for Wednesday morning. No hassles.

Jaime the driver was very professional, efficient, and nice. Frecie Magdrilla. I had never used a paper shredding company before, so I wasn't sure what to expect. Paper Cuts was great! They were on time, quick, and very pleasant. The job was done within minutes, and the certainty of seeing my actual documents through the camera being shredded was very assuring.

I would definitely recommend Paper Cuts and look forward to using them again. Moe - Mission Viejo Christian School. This was the easiest process ever! I had been staring at 3 huge boxes of papers that needed to be shred for months--dreading the chore of having to make an appt and drive out to a warehouse somewhere to watch things be shred. I was able to get a same-day appointment, and Paper Cuts came to my house and I was able to watch my documents be shred!

I'll definitely be using Paper Cuts again and recommending them! I would give Paper Cuts 5 out of 5 stars. I had on-site services done.

Paper Cuts

I was quoted a price that was what I paid. I got a call from the driver 30 minutes before his arrival, which is what I was told would happen. Rodolofo, my on-site specialist, was very professional and courteous. The process was very efficient and did not take as much time as I thought it would. My only question is why did I wait so long to have all my shredding done?

I would definitely recommend their services. Lisa - Eclipse. Thank you so much Paper Cuts for excellent service all around. From the first phone call I made, to arrange pick up, to the actual follow through with my shredding order, Paper Cuts was amazing. They work efficient, on time, and left the Certificate of Shredding documents on my doorstep, as promised. I will definitely use Paper Cuts again for both my personal and business needs.

Thank you. Ellen Windell - Valencia Counseling Associates. After a lot of research by my husband, I was able to get some great service at Paper Cuts! We had many questions and calls with Leonel and Rhonda, both of whom were gracious and courteous in responding. Upon my first delivery of boxes, I was greeted like I had been a client for years.

Pam was friendly and professional.

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I was in and out within 15 minutes. Not bad for a first experience! Lisa Cadenas - Paralegal. I have never used a shredding company before. Our family found the need to clear out years of paper work from our 91 year old mother's garage. I was referred to Paper Cuts by a very close friend. I could not have been happier with their service! They are very easy to do business with. They were on time, fast and very efficient. And most of all I felt safe using them as everything is shredded right in front of you. I highly recommend Paper Cuts for a job well done!!

Vicki Chalme. Paper Cuts was awesome I had over ten years of files and priced out several companies before choosing Paper Cuts. They were friendly, organized, responsive, on time and had the best price. Jaime was very professional with a big smile. The truck had a camera so I could watch all those years of work being shredded.

I got a certificate of destruction Kathy Company - Whole Planet Productions. These guys are great. I can normally get them to my office within a few days of contacting them. This last time they came the very same day! They load up everything themselves, all I have to do is show them where the stuff is we have store it all in one space until it gets big enough to call them. We normally have about bins. Its great having them just come and take it away. Claire Johnson - Used Car Club. I'm not sure how much more simple, streamlined, and efficient this operation could be.

I called Paper Cuts to have a full bin worth of documents shreded onsite. After I made the appointment, the driver called to verify he was 20 minutes away I appreciated this. He showed up, helped move the documents into their bin, took care of the fee, and he left promptly.

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All in all, from when he got onsite to leaving it was less than half hour. This is really a top notch organization! I recommend to anyone! Michael C. After much online research, I found you and everyone I spoke with was so nice and accommodating. You didn't act like my paper job was "Too small" as some other companies did. I LOVE my little welcome present recycle bin. It is my current pen and pencil holder. We will definitely be calling Paper Cuts next time we have a shredding job!

From beginning to end, Paper Cuts delivered on great customer service and professionalism. I received a quote within minutes, the quote was reasonable and we were able to quickly schedule a date and time that worked. The guys that came out to do the on-site shredding were quick and professional. We will definitely be using Paper Cuts again and will be spreading the word.

Mirza Escobar - Project New Nope. I had just moved to Simi valley and needed to shred some of my older tax stuff. I didn't want to do it with the shredder I had at home because I knew it would take forever. I found out about Paper Cuts shredding service, and brought in about 9 full boxes. They took it out of my vehicle, shredded it while I watched, and did it so quickly. What a great service! Fast and efficient. Nice people. Was a no brainer! Thanks again! We had such a positive experience using Paper Cuts for our shredding needs.

From the call to Ronda who answered all my questions politely and efficiantly and also set up our service date right away to the technician who came and did all the work of shredding our documents we couldn't be more pleased. They beat the price of other shredding companies and were much more accomadating I highly recommend using this service!