The Gateway to Armageddon

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Public transportation is what separates the New York region from almost every other American city and surrounding suburbs.

Dan Carlin's Hardcore History 53 Blueprint for Armageddon IV

That we can move so many people in and out of such a dense environment is essential, and one of the reasons that, even today, New York is the largest metropolitan region in this country, with 5 million more people than live in and around Los Angeles. The density that mass transit facilitates will only become more important as we move further into the 21st Century information age.

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He was right about all of that. New York does not exist in a vacuum, any more than New Jersey does.

Climate Armageddon getting closer

The two states should be allies, rather than antagonists. Yet our system allows a regional transportation solution to be manipulated by state politicians with their own agendas and narrow-minded competing interests.

News and opinion from the Tri-State Transportation Campaign

Sarah Goodyear is a Brooklyn-based contributing writer to CityLab. She's written about cities for a variety of publications, including Grist and Streetsblog. The Great Housing Reset has led to growing numbers of single-family homes shifting from owner-occupied housing to investment vehicles for large corporations. A Marin County lawsuit has conservatives and housing advocates preparing to face off over the constitutionality of a powerful affordable housing tool.

Armed with a street-design tool called the knip , the Dutch capital is slashing car access in the city center, and expanding public transit hours.

Armageddon in Austria

Norman Garrick Sep 30, Life How Housing Wealth Transferred From Families to Corporations The Great Housing Reset has led to growing numbers of single-family homes shifting from owner-occupied housing to investment vehicles for large corporations. Richard Florida Oct 4, Each of these officers brought with them extensive military experience developed over many years of service. The Second World War was not a standalone conflict or rather series of conflicts.

It was part of a continuum of warfare that stretched back into the past and forward into the future.

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  • It can be seen as both the culmination of one particular type of conflict and the beginning of another one; as the central event in a short twentieth century that lasted from to ; as the second stage of a European-focused conflict that began at Sarajevo and ended at Potsdam 31 years later; or as the prelude to the Cold War. Most senior politicians, officials and military officers of the Second World War had served in a junior capacity in , and for many civilians, was their second experience of a major war.

    Indeed, the responses of the belligerents to the Second World War cannot be understood without reference to their First World War.