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Then you get back to friendly space, build up a fleet, and return to get your ship back. That would be alot of fun. The Syndicate seem like the most obvious users of bounty hunters, as they wouldn't have any compunctions about using an unlicensed paramilitary force or a ragtag criminal fleet to do their bidding if it benefits their ledger. Depending on the location, maybe the offended party could even hire an alien fleet e. Korath or Unfettered to attack you if things got serious enough.

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You can make a mission like this. Have the hunters start in a system systems away, give them a nemesis personality and they should hunt you down. There's already a "Bounty Hunter" government mentioned in several places in the datafiles, but I've never seen any evidence of it in-game. Modified Leviathan and Falcon contains three bounty hunting and one bounty hunted missions as limited availability for very slightly tweaked ships with fancy sprites.

Since we now have marauders that chase you around after a certain combat rating is reached, should this be closed? The fleets it spawns would need a bit of discussion, but the to offer would be pretty simple, e. The fleet could be given some unique phrases related to angry merchants, and should include ships from the relevant government.

Perhaps rep vs Korath should be -.

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I'm working on spinning out some variants of the above. Edit: Here's what I have so far. Not tested yet should have time later this week. That did not make him any less of a hero. As the bigwigs in the Galactic Empire decide what to do with the Rebel Alliance, they should keep the Clan Fett and other bounty hunters in mind. These types of murderous space criminals could be just the solution the Galactic Empire needs.

Tracking down the Rebel Alliance and all of its revolutionary factions and clandestine cell systems will be an extremely expensive endeavor. Does the Galactic Emperor want to add to the already-steep military budget and Stormtrooper body count spent on this conflict?

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I would like to strongly present an argument for a new approach to the Galactic Civil War. It is time for our government to employ ruthless, money-hungry cosmic mercenaries to fight its battles. This method has worked before. When Darth Vader needed someone to capture the treacherous crew aboard the Millennium Falcon, he did not reach out to the Imperial Army. The Dark Lord instead contracted me, a simple civilian contractor who happens to be a dangerous, bloodthirsty killer.

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Despite having superior weapons and numbers, the Stormtroopers lost a major battle to a group of adorable Ewoks. We Don't Need Their Scum.

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